Welcome to the Kyneton Daffodil Scarecrow Trail 2023! 

Step into the enchanting world of Kyneton as we celebrate creativity, community, and the vibrant spirit of our town with 23 unique scarecrows. Crafted by the talented hands of our community members, each scarecrow has its own tale to tell and a warm smile to share.

Plan Your Adventure: Start your journey by downloading our printable map from our website. This map will be your guide through the charming streets of Kyneton, where these whimsical scarecrows eagerly await your discovery.

Cast Your Vote: Who will awards in the 2023 Scarecrow competition?  The decision is yours! You can vote in two simple ways: in person by grabbing a voting slip from the Mechanics Institute or the Old Auction House during event hours, or Vote online via the button or form below. 

The Kyneton Daffodil Scarecrow Trail is a testament to our incredible community spirit. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the talented individuals who brought these fantastic creations to life. Your support and participation make this event a true reflection of Kyneton’s warmth and creativity.

Share Your Experience: Capture your Scarecrow Trail adventures on social media using #KynetonScarecrows. We can’t wait to see your favorite moments and hear your stories!

So, rally your loved ones, grab your map, and set off on a journey of laughter, wonder, and imagination as you explore the Kyneton Daffodil Scarecrow Trail. 

1. Springy Locks and The Three Bears.

Address: Corner of Ebden St and Yaldwin St West. In the St Andrew’s Uniting Church grounds

Crafted by Kyneton Uniting Church


Address: 72 Powlett Street

Crafted by Ivy Fraser

3. Ray-Punzel

Address: RM Begg Aged Care – 27-35 Epping Street – outside the Front Doors

Crafted by RM Begg Staff and Residence

4. Baby Scarecrow 

Address: 5 Donnithorne Street – On Front Verandah

Crafted by Sam, Tash & Finn

5. Two heads is better than one

Address: 13 Bowen Street

Crafted by Helen & Kiaya

6. Jeff

Address: 26 Welsh Street

Crafted by Asher 

7. Lucia 

Address: 1 Penzance Court – Front Yard near letterbox

Crafted by Adeline Andrea

8. Poppy Fields 

Address: The Old Auction House, 52-56 Mollison Street

Crafted by The Beaumont Family

9. Rosy

Address: 19 Bourke Street

Crafted by Jovana Obradovic

10.  Narcissus

Address: 2/89a Piper Street

Crafted by Piper Street Food Co

11. Oppy Springcrow

Address: 22 Market Street

Crafted by Kyneton Uniting Church Community Op Shop

12. Betty O’Barley & Harry O’Hay

Address: Squishy Minnie – 6 High Street

Crafted by Squishy Minnie 

13. Bob Wheatly and Jeremy Pickles 

Address: 3 Hoyle Court – Out the Front of their main window

Crafted by Bug-a-Lugs OSHC


14. Primavera

Address: 34 Sturt Street

Crafted by Vero & Adelia

15. Site Manager ‘Snow White’ and the seven gardeners

Address: Our Lady of the Rosary P.S – 43-47 Edgecombe Street

Crafted by OLRS

16. Wizard of Oz

Address: Bupa Kyneton – 2 Edgecombe Street

Crafted by Bupa Kyneton Staff and Residence

17. Ms Metamorphosis

Address: 3 Mayfair Way

Crafted by Michelle T

18. Frida Crowlo

Address: 16 Mollison Street

Crafted by Hesket Primary School 

19. Wonka

Address: Sisko Chocolate – 175 Mollison Street

Crafted by Sisko Chocolate

20. Tin Man

Address: Windarring – 67 Bayton Street – in the garden to the left of the main building

Crafted by Windarring Residence and Staff 

21. Matilda Pickle Annie K

Address: 1 Mayfair Way

Crafted by Spice intergenerational Playgroup

19. Funky Girl 

Address: 10 Kelly Close

Crafted by Kiaya 

23. Charlie

Address: 12 New Street 

Crafted by Mack & Indigo 

24. Mark

Address: The Old Auction House, 52-56 Mollison Street

Crafted by Rilen and Fletcher

25. Daff & Dill Baggins of the Shire 

Address: The Kindness Collective, 60 Mollison Street

Crafted by The Kindness Collective

26. Angie’s Cafe Scarecrow

Address: Angies Cafe, 72-74 Mollison Street

Crafted by Angies Cafe


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