About the Festival

The Kyneton Daffodil & Arts Festival is a highly anticipated country festival that showcases stunning landscapes, artistic talent, and community spirit.

Over ten days, at the start of spring, this volunteer-managed event promotes inclusivity and togetherness.

Visitors can enjoy blooming gardens, art exhibitions, unique activities like ferret racing and a dog dash, a flower show, a Fun Run, and performances by musicians, actors, and dancers. 

The festival also includes a scarecrow competition, a Grand Parade and Fair, a Riverwalk Fun Run, an Antique & Vintage Fair, and diverse markets and food experiences.

It’s a cultural celebration, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Kyneton’s heart and soul.

Our History

This extraordinary event has its roots in the late Alister Clark, a renowned breeder of roses and daffodils between the World Wars. Alister’s influence inspired the late Hugh Dettmann of Kyneton to embark on his own daffodil breeding program, and he, in turn, guided the late Eve Murray of Langley in cultivating daffodils from seed.

By the 1950s, the Kyneton Daffodil Show had gained immense popularity, rivaling any other show in Victoria. At times, the peak season for daffodil growers across the state coincided with the Kyneton Show, making it the grandest showcase in all of Victoria. This reputation firmly established Kyneton as a hub for daffodil cultivation.

As the idea of an annual festival took hold, the daffodil became the natural symbol of our town. Thus, the streets were adorned with a spectacular display of massed daffodils, and thus, the vibrant and enchanting Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival came into being.